Potrebbe Essere Sera - Cover Elettronica brano musicale di Lucio Battisti e Pasquale Panella

potrebbe essere sera *

Italian song | Electronic music cover by Style Disorder * For those who do not know, the music is by Lucio Battisti and the lyrics by Pasquale Panella. The collaboration between the two outstanding artists, between 1986 and 1994, produced…

Style Disorder | Night or Day

frozen by routine addicted to background noise not to hear the screech of guilt lost despite I found the map of this senseless maze where the exit is the entry point while the time is rolling around I was just thinking of you isolating…

ignoring tomorrow

ignoring tomorrow is feeling like in shades of dusk beyond a dyke a box of moves is lost in mind bypassed by rituals freezing time ignoring tomorrow is feeling like a bubble suspended, a pleasure spike postponing look and feel to catch…


To fully express yourself, you have to bare your desires, respect your inner being, and don't abuse it to gain from it. When there's no trace of joy, within whatever case, the souls' involved decay, you have to stop and change the page. Beauty…
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