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Top engagement drivers: how to get viral on Facebook

  #Facebook Page Insights, among other things, help to identify what is the most engaging content for your audience. Some content gets viral, while other doesn't get noticed at all. Every content is a meme: some memes survive, going…
Facebook Pages, get more likes for free

Facebook business pages: how to bypass paid advertising to get more likes and engagement

This post is for business that own an ecommerce site, a Facebook page and possibly other channels. Nothing unethical or forbidden: it's just a soft trick to get more likes and engagement avoiding paid advertising. Steps set up a voucher…
Google Universal Analytics UA

How to track each Google country search engine on Universal Analytics

  Have you tested Universal Analytics by Google? If you haven't (yet), just create a new free GA profile and you will now have the option to choose between the old and the new route - which not surprisingly is still in beta. You will…