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World map 2023 Cities

Colourful Thematic Maps Hide the True State of Development

Thematic maps are often misleading, specially at global scale Undoubtedly impressive, thematic maps - especially if shiny, vivid and global - are always trendy. But often the elements they try to compare are defacto incomparable for various…
Guida Completa Chat GPT-4 Gratuita

List of the Best AI Tools and GPT-4 Prompts

Exploring the World of Generative Pre-trained Transformers aka GPT Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) have revolutionized the field of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. These models have shown great potential in…
HSP High Sensitive People Persone Altamente Sensibili book review recensione libro

Highly Sensitive People aka HSP: a missing personality-type?

If emotions overwhelm you or you're moved to tears by a minor thing, probably you're among "Highly Sensitive People", aka HSPs, according to a new book titled "Sensitive: The Power of a Thoughtful Mind in an Overwhelming World" by Jenn Granneman…
Prova Skillshare Gratis Corsi Online apprendimento eLearning

Get new skills via Skillshare with a 30% discount

What is Skillshare? Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people on illustration, design, photography, video, freelance and more. On Skillshare, millions of members come together to…

7 signs defining unconventional people, aka weirdos

Have you ever been called or felt 'unconventional'? If you match some of the following characteristics, you are probably one. It's not necessarily bad - more often, it's a positive aspect of personality that defines one's uniqueness. Unconventional…
Innovazioni Tecnologiche 2022

6 Technological innovations to consider in 2022

The growth of technological evolution is unprecedented in its speed. Every day, new start-ups create ingenious inventions that revolutionise human daily life. Billionaire entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are blazing trails with AI like never before,…
Accountable, the App for Freelancers in Belgium

Accountable, the App that any Freelance in Belgium & Germany must have

Accountable can be defined as the freelancers' best friend - not only digital marketers - in Belgium and Germany. Never lose a receipt, create invoices in a few swipes and optimize your taxes as you go. The all-in-one app helps freelancers…
Full Complete List 1500 acronyms abbreviations internet English

+1500 Acronyms & Abbreviations in English Chat & Text Slang: An Exhaustive List

An exhaustive list of +1500 Chat & Text Acronyms & Abbreviations We all hate acronyms, right? Particularly in the work environment, some companies can't get rid of their dozens or hundreds of mysterious acronyms, often representing…
1common Club - Tech and smart gadgets shop

1common Club, the shop for all tech and smart gadgets lovers

I'm proud to announce a newborn by Oltre.Digital! 1common Club is a brand-new collection of excellent tech devices, an uncommon club for everyone that loves useful technology. Not only prosumers but also people that want to improve their…
Italian food ecommerce

Discover Spaccio Italia, the e-commerce of Italian gastronomic excellence

I am happy to announce the launch of, an e-commerce platform that offers an accurate selection of Italian gastronomic products on sale in over 50 countries. It's a new arrival by Oltre Digital. We have chosen over 4000 excellent…
e-scooter brussels voucher scooty felyx

Get free minutes on Brussels scooters: vouchers & coupon code 2024

The shared mobility services market is dynamic in many cities, including Brussels, the Belgian capital. Let's have a look specifically at the e-scooters. Scooty (red) was the first to appear in the city in 2016, followed by Felyx (green).…
Pasta Magic Formula

The pasta magic formula to determine how much quantity should be served per person

This is not a usual topic for me, however, it might be useful to some of the readers. Pasta is undoubtedly the queen of the Mediterranean diet. Answering a question on Twitter, I have provided my ideal formula that I am glad to share it here…
digital marketing

Countdown to Chrome warning for non-https websites

HTTPS is a secure protocol that helps defend your visitors' info by encrypting knowledge traveling between the internet browser and the server. Google AdWords already recommends (and in some cases, requires) that every one URLs use the…

Wireless.Education: learn anything, anywhere

Technology has increased the chances to learn many topics from anywhere. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are an example of mass study, where prestigious universities given anyone the opportunity to access quality training for free or for…
Yahoo 1996

Yahoo! killed Aviate and sold Flickr

I'm a proud user of both Aviate (Android launcher, the most useful amont dozens I tried, IMHO) and Flickr (image hosting, my account dates back to 2005 with over 7 million photo views). Yahoo!, now owned by Verizon, acquired Flickr in 2005.…
Startup founders age

Experience comes with age: on average, the founders of the most succesful startups are 45 years old

Experience comes with age. According to a paper published on April 2018, "the average age of a startup founder is about 41.9 years of age among all startups that hire at least one employee". Many observers and investors believe that young…
Best Digital Marketing Tools Opportunities

Interesting opportunities: DMARC

Here we publish some interesting opportunities spotted online.   Ever heard of DMARC? DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) is an email authentication system that protects your organization’s domains…
Urchin Software old logo

Logo history of Google Analytics

Initially it used to be called Urchin Software and was an independent web analytics US-based company that eventually was acquired by Google in March 2005 to bring knowledge needed to build Google Analytics. Here is how Google Analytics used…
Guido Barilla apologies

PR on SERP: why copywriters should work with SEO guys. Barilla epic fail

  26 September, morning. Guido Barilla, co-owner of the famous Parma-based pasta maker, during a live radio interview (La Zanzara, Radio24), proudly claim that gay people would never appear on its brand advertisement because he and his…
Google Databoard

The continuing r-evolution of Google services/tools and its benefits for the marketing industry: Think Insights & Databoard

Marketing paid services are struggling against the fact that Google offers the same tools at no cost. From analytical tools to tag management, from videoconferences to market researches, Google is offering to business a wide range of fundamental…
ALtavista UI

July 2013: goodbye Altavista and Google Reader

After 14 years, starting from 8th July, the search engine Altavista will be redirected to its current owner Yahoo!. Altavista used to be the top search engine in many countries until Google took over in 2001. SE market nowadays is a restricted…
Apple iOS7 Home Screen

Does the iPhone battery last less than 2 hours with iOS 7?

In this video a guy is presenting the new iOS 7 whose beta has been released by Apple on 10 June 2013. I find quite relevant the fact that when the video started, its iPhone 5 battery level was 63% and at the end, after just 10 minutes, it…
Apple iOS7 Home Screen

Flickr reloaded: new look for the (former) most popular photo sharing platform

On 21st May 2013 one of the most - if not the most - photo sharing site has been completely revolutionised on its appearance and few more aspects. After almost 10 years keeping more or less the same style, something new has just been revealed:…