Visit and, if you have to, plant your roots in living places rather than fictional showcases set up for the season with temporary and poorly qualified jobs.

Peripherical regions believe themselves as ‘the centre’ and hope for an eternal ‘relaunch’, yet lack the ‘launch’.

The vocation of a periphery should be its own marginality and not the chase towards economic flows that generate a cultural flattening, even in expressions where puppets are built with the illusion of recalling naturally dead traditions.

Enjoy these coins, if they ever arrive, as a handout from the centre, to create a new market to colonise. In addition to those gleaned from plucking flocks of tired sheep, still willing to graze in the insignificant and circumscribed hours of air of their existence in a place distinguished only by its name.

Places are not brands! Natural places are the fruit of the daily construction of those living there.

Few people feel a deep sense of belonging to a place today. Many trample them underfoot with the presumption of defending them, others suffer with the illusion of being pampered by them, and others finally don’t give a damn because they don’t believe in borders, all the more so when they justify exclusive and partial economic ambitions.