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Users won't need to visit search engine websites anymore

SEO experts (and their clients) search Google for site ranking. Everyone else search for answers, solutions, information. Therefore, any users expect that a good search engine serves what they are looking for almost immediately - hence most…
Zero click marketing by digital channel, 2024.

Entering the era of Zero-Click Marketing

Do you remember when all your digital acquisition efforts focused on driving website traffic? Those days are fading fast. After analysing recent trends emerging in major digital platforms worldwide, Rand Fishkin and other digital marketing…
Steps to optimise Digital Marketing ROI

15 steps to optimise your digital marketing ROI in 2024

Boost your digital marketing ROI with a smarter budget With economic uncertainty ahead - well, it's a constant, isn't it? - budgets get tighter. That makes Return on Investment (ROI) even more critical. You’ll need to stretch each euro…
GPTBot AI web scrapers SEO

Why blocking GPTBot & other AI web crawlers is a bad move

OpenAI announced its support for robots.txt for GPTBot, which means you can block OpenAI from harvesting your website content. As Search Engine Optimisation specialists know, the practice is already available for years for search engines, some…
Text Posts by TikTok: the new format to challenge X (Twitter) and Threads

After the disappointing Threads, TikTok also tries to challenge X

TikTok levels up with its new text-based format In an exciting turn of events, TikTok, the world-renowned video-sharing social media platform owned by the Chinese tech giant ByteDance, has announced its latest feature — text-based posts. The…
Research on Political polarisation by social media Facebook

The News We See: How Facebook Fuels Political Polarization

Research published by Science reveals ideological "echo chambers" on social media Facebook (Meta) has transformed how we get news and information. According to self-proclaims by Meta Inc., over two billion users and counting - or better profiles,…
Threads vs Twitter. Concerns about privacy, censorship and antitrust

Threads, Corruption and Lies *

Threads is not a new social network but rather an extension of an existing one: Instagram.   Threads terrible Terms & Conditions — Video by Greg Johnstone originally published on TikTok (9 July 2023) Have you tried Threads,…
Impact of Generative AI on Journalism, press, social media and communication

Adapting Journalism to AI: The Good, the Bad, and the Profitable

Impact of AI on Journalism Artificial intelligence (AI) has shaken up the journalism industry worldwide. Newspapers are searching for new business models to counterbalance AI's impact and engage their readership. The growing influence…
Social Media Evolution

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Social Media in 2023

Social media has evolved from simple conversation platforms to robust entertainment systems. They are now moving towards becoming marketplaces, a change primarily driven by algorithms - the secret formulas that determine how these platforms…
AI Use GPT4 for free

7 ways to access GPT4 for free

GPT-4 or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4 (GPT-4) is a multimodal large language model created by OpenAI and the fourth in its series of GPT foundation models. It's a phenomenal AI tool, but it has a cost. Here are seven easy ways to…
How to boost personal productivity

How to boost personal productivity?

Personal productivity is about achieving goals or - better - efficiently accomplishing tasks that bring you closer to your goals. The secret desire to be a machine-like productive individual is not uncommon. It's believed that if one could…
Nord VPN migliore

The advantages of a VPN and which ones to choose from the best services

TLTR - A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure, private network that allows users to access the Internet or a private network remotely. It offers several advantages, such as increased privacy, security and anonymity while surfing the Internet. To…
Guida Completa Chat GPT-4 Gratuita

List of the Best AI Tools and GPT-4 Prompts

Exploring the World of Generative Pre-trained Transformers aka GPT Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) have revolutionized the field of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. These models have shown great potential in…
Marketing Evolution from Sales to AI and AIO

AMarketing evolution journey from early days to AI

Marketing has come a long way since its inception. The industry has evolved from simple sales tactics to complex strategies that involve understanding consumer psychology, creating engaging content, and leveraging digital channels. In this…
LinkedIn Social Selling Index SSI Explained

Demystifying the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI)

  If you're an avid LinkedIn user or just beginning to explore this professional networking platform, you may have encountered the term "LinkedIn Social Selling Index" or SSI. What is it, and why should you care about it? In this post,…
Prova Skillshare Gratis Corsi Online apprendimento eLearning

Get new skills via Skillshare with a 30% discount

What is Skillshare? Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people on illustration, design, photography, video, freelance and more. On Skillshare, millions of members come together to…
Sell Photo Online Sell Photos

Guide: the best platforms to sell photos online 2023

Are you a professional or amateur photographer? You can monetize your work by selling photos through numerous image banks The internet has created new possibilities for those who are passionate about photography. Whether you are a full-time…
Accountable, the App for Freelancers in Belgium

Accountable, the App that any Freelance in Belgium & Germany must have

Accountable can be defined as the freelancers' best friend - not only digital marketers - in Belgium and Germany. Never lose a receipt, create invoices in a few swipes and optimize your taxes as you go. The all-in-one app helps freelancers…
Digital Marketing Strategy Dental Practice Dentists Brussels

Revolutionizing Dental Practice with Digital Marketing

Dentists must have a solid online presence to attract and retain patients in today's digital age. Digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and social media marketing can revolutionize…
linkfool link-building seo services ranking

SEO: Rank Higher with quality link-building

Get safe, powerful, quality links that drive referrals and improve rankings today PubliSuites Link Building Service Delivers Huge Traffic Increases Through Referrals and Rankings In the field of search engine…
European Digital Week - Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn KPI

Paolo Margari at the European Digital Week 2020: Video & Social Media Marketing International Conference

I am glad to announce that I will be speaking at the Video & Social Media Marketing International Conference, a Virtual Event from 23 to 26 September 2020, part of the European Digital Week 2020 📌 SESSION: “Enhance your social…
11 Growth Tactics for your Ecommerce Business - Ebook download
LinkedIn Thought Leadership Guidance Video

Using Thought Leadership to Drive Results via LinkedIn (Video)

Decision makers find thought leadership valuable throughout the funnel; however, sellers and producers don’t seem to truly value the impact of quality thought leadership. Read more
Latest Digital Marketing Trends Video

10 digital marketing trends to follow in 2020 (Video)

From online advertising innovation to social media, from programmatic to voice marketing, check what's going on in Digital Marketing. Here you can find the top 10 trends to follow (also) in 2020.

Top SEO tools by Google Search Volume Growth: the status in 2020

Exploding Topics by Brian Dean analyzed Google search volume growth for the most well-known SEO tools between 2014 and 2019. Here the full findings. Here's the ranking of SEO Tools based on Google search volume growth over the last…
Italian food ecommerce

Discover Spaccio Italia, the e-commerce of Italian gastronomic excellence

I am happy to announce the launch of, an e-commerce platform that offers an accurate selection of Italian gastronomic products on sale in over 50 countries. It's a new arrival by Oltre Digital. We have chosen over 4000 excellent…
Ferruccio Lamborghini

Marketing according to Ferruccio Lamborghini. The importance of customer service (video interview)

The importance of customer service, which is fundamental for a successful company. Something that unfortunately many companies never learn. Video extracted from an interview with Ferruccio Elio Arturo Lamborghini (1916–1993), the Italian…
Digital Marketing Revolution

Digital Marketing Revolution: Mastering Successful Strategies

A [r]evolution is coming soon...  In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital commerce, mastering digital marketing has become a critical factor for success. The Internet Retailer Digital Marketing Report shared by by Digital Commerce 360 …
How AI will influence elections

AI will deeply influence election results. Wherever, forever.

Politics is still partly exempted from new concepts like marketing/propaganda automation, machine learning, AI, and quantum computing. The decisional process reminds what politicians used to do 100 years ago or more. Despite the constantly…
Facebook Instagram Ads Trends Video

Important updates from Facebook, Instagram and Messenger (Video)

What's new from Facebook and its ecosystem in the second half of 2019? Watch this short video with all the news you need to know.
A paywall news website

How to remove paywall sources from Google News

TLTR: Try this Chrome extension - it's not guaranteed that it works for all websites or that it remain available in the future. The paywall is a tool to restrict access to users who have paid to subscribe to a website. In recent years…
digital marketing

Countdown to Chrome warning for non-https websites

HTTPS is a secure protocol that helps defend your visitors' info by encrypting knowledge traveling between the internet browser and the server. Google AdWords already recommends (and in some cases, requires) that every one URLs use the…
Klout score alternatives Kred, Skorr

Klout is dead. What are the social score alternatives?

The epic Klout score, acquired by the digital marketing company Lithium for 200 million, has been killed.   What was Klout "Klout was a website and mobile app, launched in 2008, that used social media analytics to rate all social media users according…
Facebook Local Search

Facebook Professional Services, the next big thing for Local Search? (2018)

Facebook Professional Services is a new feature - still unannounced - that can be the next big thing for local search in 2016. Update: it's 2018 and the feature hasn't been announced or promoted yet, but it's still there, quite useful. With…
Yahoo 1996

Yahoo! killed Aviate and sold Flickr

I'm a proud user of both Aviate (Android launcher, the most useful amont dozens I tried, IMHO) and Flickr (image hosting, my account dates back to 2005 with over 7 million photo views). Yahoo!, now owned by Verizon, acquired Flickr in 2005.…

SEO: 8 top ranking factors for Google in 2017 [infographic]

The Google algorithm keeps on changing regularly, making life harder and harder for SEO experts. Some people assume that SEO is dead, but in fact SEO is alive more than ever. Simply, the old way of doing SEO is dead, or at least it's not bringing…
Content Marketing trends

Content Marketing Trends in 2017: infographic

An interesting infographic by Jomer Gregorio, CEO at CJG Digital Marketing, listing some of the Content Marketing trends to watch out for in 2017. In his work, Jomer summarizes predictions about the evolution of the following 8 aspects that…

What is an Effective Content Marketing Approach [Infographic]

What is an Effective Content Marketing Approach [Infographic]
Facebook Live Maps

Facebook Livemap: visualizing globalization through user-generated TV

Facebook keeps on packaging user-generated content to offer new product and create new potential advertising spaces. This time the news is called Facebook Livemap. No big announcements before revealing a collection of user-generated live…

Facebook to discard Conversion Tracking Pixel in the second half of 2016

All digital advertisers that are currently using Facebook Conversion Tracking pixels have to move to Facebook Pixel by the second half of 2016. Facebook pixel is a better solution for both building Custom Audiences (e.g. remarketing)…