Research on Political polarisation by social media Facebook

The News We See: How Facebook Fuels Political Polarization

Research published by Science reveals ideological "echo chambers" on social media Facebook (Meta) has transformed how we get news and information. According to self-proclaims by Meta Inc., over two billion users and counting - or better profiles,…
Threads vs Twitter. Concerns about privacy, censorship and antitrust

Threads, Corruption and Lies *

Threads is not a new social network but rather an extension of an existing one: Instagram.   Threads terrible Terms & Conditions — Video by Greg Johnstone originally published on TikTok (9 July 2023) Have you tried Threads,…
Facebook Instagram Ads Trends Video

Important updates from Facebook, Instagram and Messenger (Video)

What's new from Facebook and its ecosystem in the second half of 2019? Watch this short video with all the news you need to know.
Facebook Local Search

Facebook Professional Services, the next big thing for Local Search? (2018)

Facebook Professional Services is a new feature - still unannounced - that can be the next big thing for local search in 2016. Update: it's 2018 and the feature hasn't been announced or promoted yet, but it's still there, quite useful. With…
Facebook Live Maps

Facebook Livemap: visualizing globalization through user-generated TV

Facebook keeps on packaging user-generated content to offer new product and create new potential advertising spaces. This time the news is called Facebook Livemap. No big announcements before revealing a collection of user-generated live…

Facebook to discard Conversion Tracking Pixel in the second half of 2016

All digital advertisers that are currently using Facebook Conversion Tracking pixels have to move to Facebook Pixel by the second half of 2016. Facebook pixel is a better solution for both building Custom Audiences (e.g. remarketing)…
Linkedin Ads

How to re-target LinkedIn users through other channels

Ok, this method might break some rule, but it can be an effective solution for specific goals, like a very focused lead generation campaign. Let's imagine that your goal is to reach outside LinkedIn, some workers of a few competitors based…
Facebook Pages, get more likes for free

Top engagement drivers: how to get viral on Facebook

  #Facebook Page Insights, among other things, help to identify what is the most engaging content for your audience. Some content gets viral, while other doesn't get noticed at all. Every content is a meme: some memes survive, going…
Facebook Pages, get more likes for free

Discrepancy between conversions on Google Analytics and Facebook advertising reports: VTC vs CTC

Have you ever encountered a discrepancy between #Google Analytics performance reports by channel and what's reported by advertising platforms' reports, for example, #Facebook? The former is usually less generous than the latter, and you don't…
Facebook Pages, get more likes for free

How to increase Facebook organic reach: content and audiences are two key factors

IS FACEBOOK ORGANIC REACH DEAD? Interesting insights by Kimanzi Constable in his post "5 Reasons Why Social-Media Marketing is Overrated". However, I don’t take for granted his first assumption telling that “Organic reach is pretty close…
Facebook Pages, get more likes for free

Facebook business pages: how to bypass paid advertising to get more likes and engagement

This post is for business that own an ecommerce site, a Facebook page and possibly other channels. Nothing unethical or forbidden: it's just a soft trick to get more likes and engagement avoiding paid advertising. Steps set up a voucher…