Steps to optimise Digital Marketing ROI

15 steps to optimise your digital marketing ROI in 2024

Boost your digital marketing ROI with a smarter budget With economic uncertainty ahead - well, it's a constant, isn't it? - budgets get tighter. That makes Return on Investment (ROI) even more critical. You’ll need to stretch each euro…
New screen for GA Goals set up

Discrepancy between conversions on Google Analytics and Facebook advertising reports: VTC vs CTC

Have you ever encountered a discrepancy between #Google Analytics performance reports by channel and what's reported by advertising platforms' reports, for example, #Facebook? The former is usually less generous than the latter, and you don't…
New screen for GA Goals set up

New Conversion Goal setup interface on Google Analytics

Many people do not set up Goals on their ##google Analytics account. That's a shame, because despite not having an ##ecommerce website, Goals help them to 1) deep dive into the most challenging side of the analytics world (where the magic rule…