How to remove paywall sources from Google News

A paywall news website

TLTR: Try this Chrome extension – it’s not guaranteed that it works for all websites or that it remain available in the future.

The paywall is a tool to restrict access to users who have paid to subscribe to a website.

In recent years it has been increasing among some news sources, despite the massive use of advertising and cookies that can already cover costs.

Ok, quality news has a cost, but users can’t pay for them all. Google is working on that and waiting for an overall solution that allows choosing single articles rather than subscribing to the whole source. Will editors agree? – let’s see how to remove some annoying paywall news sources from Google News that are just wasting our time.


An annoying news paywall

An annoying paywall


Users are free to pay for good-quality information but should also be able to opt for free information. Free does not always mean bad quality. Not at all.

Besides, many sources with paywalls are pretty biased, mostly posting political propaganda. Others are just bad quality, nothing original. Others are full of annoying ads and popups.

All these can be sufficient reasons why some users want to hide specific sources (it doesn’t matter if they are free or paid).

You can bypass the problem by deleting cookies or better using a good VPN and browsing incognito with browsers like Tor, but if you’re tired of some specific sources, it’s time to hide them forever on your Google account.

If you want to filter out some sources from your Google News feed, the world’s most popular news aggregator, there’s a simple way, shown below:

Remove news sources with paywall

Select “Other”

Remove news sources with paywall

Hide news from that specific source


Hide (nascondi, in the Italian screenshot) the specific source, and you won’t see it anymore. You can still see subdomains, though (for example, blogs associated with them). They have to be hidden separately.

Some popular solutions available through browser extensions have been removed following copyright infringement cases.


Here’s a video by Martin Valk. If solutions don’t work, the latest methods are worth watching.

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  1. naked says:

    Totally agreed. They often get top results as well. I’ve mostly stopped using google for finding news articles, and just go straight to the free sources.

  2. Viggi says:

    Seems, as if they habe gone 2 a New round. Newsfeed is actually showing lot s of paywall sites from regional news Papers. Habe they gone MAD or is this a New “Business Model” (stealing money for shit is no buisiness. It has been ever just stealing)

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