Get free minutes on Brussels scooters: vouchers & coupon code 2024

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Scooty (red) was the first to appear in the city in 2016, followed by Felyx (green). Their mobile apps and websites are almost identical, as well as the scooters. Scooty service was discontinued in July 2020. A few Poppy e-scooters (the company primarily offers kickscooters and all-red cars) exist. The last arrived, in October 2021, is Go Sharing, a Dutch company also operating in Germany, Austria and Turkey with their light-green scooters. Currently, it’s suspended in Brussels, but it’s still available in Antwerp and many Dutch cities.

Their speed is limited by law, which is acceptable to get anywhere in Brussels in minutes. The average cost is around 25 cents/minute unless you decide to park and keep it (in that case, the cost is lower). Some companies also sell packages and have discounts on special days.

You can find the closest e-scooter on the map and book it – it’ll be available for some minutes when you need to unblock it and start your ride. Typically, they offer two XL helmets inside.

Before parking, check the area you’re going to. They can’t be taken or parked all over the city. Some communes out of the 19 that compose the Brussels region aren’t fully covered, but you can still find small islands in correspondence to the hotspots such as stations, hospitals, and shopping malls.

Register for the services and benefit from a free credit of free minutes using the promo codes below.

Scooters vouchers

Trottinettes vouchers



  • TIER: use this link (service discontinued from February 2024)

Taxi vouchers

Discontinued services

  • GO SHARING: 1M4IVZ (service currently not active in Brussels but available in Antwerp and some Dutch cities, including Amsterdam)
  • BIRD: service discontinued since December 2022
  • VOI: service suspended in April 2023
  • SCOOTY: eG32mwQA – service discontinued since 27/07/2020

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