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Too many small tools, despite promising, interesting, disruptive, etc.
Still too niche, and inside it still too many people amazed at what is going to kill their repetitive, useless job. AI tools have been out there for years, despite less capable and way less popular.
So many attempts to demolish the G-iant, even well backed, all leading to failure, like most Google products. A switch in paradigm is not determined by innovation, quality, funding... But only by laggards, the majority of people who are lazy to change, and won't do it not forced to. The rest is just a trendy fashion, born to die in one of the many niches like the small circle of contacts that are reading such unbearable huge mass of AI-related posts. All very interesting, all to be forgotten.
After working slaves' psycho-logy, web3 of the poors, eternal boring marketing memes and other #linkedin sagas, most of such posts, particularly the horizontally-scrollable docs to increase engagement of users in desperate need of attention (for what?) are going to be the new #LinkedInCringe,
Crypto (another sad saga, which ended up quite bad) never had much space here. Instead ChatGPT and critique towards Musk are dominanting the algorithm...
Thanks Microsoft?

1. Connect your ChatGPT with your Whatsapp.

2. ChatGPT Writer : It use ChatGPT to generate emails or replies based on your prompt!

3. WebChatGPT: WebChatGPT ( gives you relevant results from the web!

4. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT: It generate text summaries of any YouTube video!

5. TweetGPT: It uses ChatGPT to write your tweets, reply, comment, etc.

6. Search GPT: It display the ChatGPT response alongside Google Search results

7. ChatGPT or all search engines: You can now view ChatGPT responses on Google and Bing!

8. Save all your Prompts?: The ChatGPT History extension has you covered!

9. Remake a video: Just pick a video you liked and visit to get its transcript. Once done, bring that back to Chat GPT and tell it to summarize the transcript. Read the summary and make a video on that yourself.

10. Search what people are Prompting with FlowGPT