The pasta magic formula to determine how much quantity should be served per person

Pasta Magic Formula

This is not a usual topic for me, however, it might be useful to some of the readers.

Pasta is undoubtedly the queen of the Mediterranean diet. Answering a question on Twitter, I have provided my ideal formula that I am glad to share it here with you.

Quantity per person = [(Weight / Height) * π] — Age

An example

For example, if the weight of a 35 years old person is 80Kg and his height is 1.75m, the ideal quantity will be 108 grams (I hope there was no need to remind that the mathematical constant Pi or π is 3.14…).

Try it here

After a few applications of the formula, the waist might be shaped like a perfect circle, aka lifebelt. If you think it’s the case, you can adjust the result by reducing by a certain percentage, corresponding to the difference between your current weight and the ideal weight you would like to reach.

The formula works only with the metric system so, if you use other systems, you have to convert the values into the metric one first.

The truth behind the formula? It’s been created for fun, but apparently it works quite well. No science, not to mention rocket science.

A final minor detail: despite my Italian nationality, I seldom eat pasta.

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