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Italian food ecommerce

Discover Spaccio Italia, the e-commerce of Italian gastronomic excellence

I am happy to announce the launch of, an e-commerce platform that offers an accurate selection of Italian gastronomic products on sale in over 50 countries.

We have chosen small and medium-sized local companies that in their productions, all Made in Italy, do not neglect the attention for healthy and nutritional aspects, as well as a mix of tradition, innovation and taste.

By minimizing intermediation, we can charge excellent prices to the public, even with a contribution to transport costs. Furthermore, thanks to the excellent logistic service, we can get the products to their destination as quickly as possible.

Discover the surprising products of Spaccio Italia and with them the flavours of authentic Italian cuisine.


Wireless.Education: learn anything, anywhere

Technology has increased the chances to learn many topics from anywhere. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are an example of mass study, where prestigious universities given anyone the opportunity to access quality training for free or for a very little fee, usually needed to cover the costs and granting the chance to access a final examination with certification.

Wireless.Education is a website where you can find many quality tools to learn anything, anywhere, anytime, from foreign languages to exams preparation (such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE) plus the courses most in demand by the job market nowadays and the study techniques needed to excell (speed reading, learning how to learn, etc.)