Accountable, the App that any Freelance in Belgium & Germany must have

Accountable, the App for Freelancers in Belgium

Accountable can be defined as the freelancers’ best friend – not only digital marketers – in Belgium and Germany.

Never lose a receipt, create invoices in a few swipes and optimize your taxes as you go.

The all-in-one app helps freelancers to save time and money, focusing on what matters.

A freelancer or independent worker can connect the professional bank account and Accountable makes sure that payments count as professional expenses towards taxes.

The App tells what is possible to deduct from taxes, automatically reconcile invoices and payments and get a tax tip for each expense made.

It’s possible to generate invoices and send them to clients anywhere, in less than 30 seconds, including client details.

Accountable automatically generates the VAT return, saving time and money, with or without an accountant.