The night is on.

Nothing new

for the ones not afraid to live,

escaping captivity in cages,

and standard lives.


Avoiding everyday nonsense

like flaunting, getting laid with no passion,

dressing up in style,

earning more,

obeying stupid orders or rules,

abusing, oppressing, and telling lies to survive,


being impatient to show off

on futile occasions or online

to a bunch of people

who don’t give a shit about their fucking life.


The night keeps going on, pure,

it paints our dark side

prevented by all that light

that dazzles and kills all dreams,

and burns the inner mind.


Day vanities are buried

with all their rush to nowhere,

and useless competitions,

anger and bribery,

ridiculous bigotry, social norms, cultures and pride.


Many little things are worthwhile,

small gestures of passion, feeling and care.

All those nights spent alone or together,

with those who deserve to be there,

will keep us alive.